Services Overview

Deborah offers a suite of conflict resolution services that covers all stages of a dispute, ranging from pre-lawsuit conflicts to post-trial situations. Her core offerings include mediation, early neutral evaluation, and arbitration, as well as her unique Mediation Follow-Up Program. Deborah also consults on ADR proceedings and settlement strategies and becomes part of your team as special settlement counsel.
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Mediation | Mediation Follow-Up Program | Consulting

Deborah is an established mediator recognized for her talent in working creatively to move parties towards beneficial solutions. She is particularly adept at unraveling complex scenarios and for adroitly handling sensitive matters, including high publicity cases. Read More ›

Early Neutral Evaluation

Early neutral evaluation is a non-adversarial process used by parties to a lawsuit to obtain an unbiased assessment of various elements of their dispute, or the dispute as a whole, as a predicate to potential settlement. The process is entirely transparent; all parties receive Deborah’s entire legal analysis as a means to spur resolution. Read More ›

Arbitration | Arbitration-Related Consulting

Deborah serves as a neutral in arbitrations that take place under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), in addition to conducting arbitrations in non-administered proceedings. She is an experienced chair of arbitration panels, solo arbitrator, and a Fellow of the College of Commercial Arbitrators. Read More ›

Settlement Consulting

Deborah consults with individuals, companies, and corporations contemplating settlement at all stages of a dispute. Read More ›

Special Settlement Counsel

To ensure that Deborah has a more sustained presence on a case, clients may retain her as special settlement counsel. In this capacity, Deborah becomes an integral part of a party’s legal team by managing a separate track of activity aimed at settling the case to that party’s advantage. To this end, she establishes ongoing conversations with opposing counsel and takes a leading role at mediations and settlement conferences. Read More ›