Settlement Consulting + Special Settlement Counsel

Settlement Consulting

Deborah consults with individuals, companies, and corporations contemplating settlement at all stages of a dispute.

In nascent presuit situations, Deborah helps clients to decide whether to pursue an early settlement by assessing the range of legal issues that may arise in full-blown litigation and providing insight as to how a court might view them. When settlement is sought, Deborah is proficient at assisting clients in formulating an approach that takes critical economic and business factors into account.

Deborah also consults with clients already engaged in litigation. She can be contacted for input on creating, fine-tuning, or packaging settlement offers, responding to settlement proposals, and related timing issues. In each instance, she brings a fresh point of view and adroit suggestions that can provide new impetus for reaching a resolution.

After trial, Deborah offers guidance on how to make the most of a party’s post-verdict or post-finding posture for purposes of settlement.

Special Settlement Counsel

To ensure that Deborah has a more sustained presence on a case, clients may retain her as special settlement counsel. In this capacity, Deborah becomes an integral part of a party’s legal team by managing a separate track of activity aimed at settling the case to that party’s advantage. To this end, she establishes ongoing conversations with opposing counsel and takes a leading role at mediations and settlement conferences.

Deborah diligently coordinates the settlement strategy that is developed with overall case strategy and related timing. When desired, she offers input on discovery and evidentiary matters as they pertain to possible settlement.

Having a separate channel for exploring settlement can be beneficial in many situations, including very large or complex matters where Deborah’s deep negotiation and problem-solving capabilities can bring an extra edge. Moreover, when retained early enough in a case, a skilled special settlement counsel tends to have the ability to open up more opportunities and alternatives for reaching a positive settlement, which can result in distinct cost savings.